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Welcome to The Ultimate Fitness League, where bikini fitness and muscle modelling meets international fashion! Each of our championships is a picture perfect platform for amateur athletes to compete at all levels with sophistication and elegance. Our competitions give athletes more stage time to fully express personality and stage presence through a tailored choreographed routine. Our competition is divided into categories to suit each individual entrant and is judged by a panel of independent international industry leaders.

Being in our show is the ultimate way to display and celebrate your fitness achievements. Our commitment is to offer our members professional support throughout the competition process. We pride ourselves on creating the ultimate experience while participating in our championships.

During peak week, athletes are invited to meet and greet with both judges and peers (dress code event) at a glamourous red carpet style gathering at our featured hotel. We’ll have media interviews, photo shoots to promote athletes and the championship.

Ultimate Fitness League CA provides a unique opportunity for competitors to compete in a world class arena with a federation gaining momentum all over the world.

Our Canadian debut will take place in Victoria, British Columbia. Victoria’s ‘destination appeal’ is attracting talented athletes from around the globe. We’ve earned rave reviews from previously participating athletes and spectators, every event delivered with enthusiasm and dedication to our ultimate vision.


The UFL contests provide a world class show for amateurs with categories to suit the modern day competitor.   It’s an opportunity for an athlete to display their unique style, transformation and physique.  With emphasis on stage presence, artistry and skill as they show off all their hard work and dedication to looking good and feeling confident.  Trophies bestowed on contest winners will give the athletes an opportunity to compete internationally with our shows worldwide. We strive to produce an inclusive atmosphere for all at any amateur level.

We create considerable excitement amongst attending local athletes, businesses and the community!  Contests include ‘Style of Art’ ink categories for male and female athletes who have over 10% of ink-tattoos.  In years past, tattoos would have lost you points in shows, but with Ultimate Fitness League, we think about ink!  We also have an age category for people who are slightly further along in life’s journey!  More details on categories is available on this website in the ‘categories’ section.

Venue and Attendees

The promotional reach of the Ultimate Fitness League is focused from a global, national and local perspective. We are hoping to attract athletes Canada wide and in Victoria, hope to include sponsors from Lower Mainland BC as well as Washington State.   The event will be advertised both online and through multimedia, radio and TV.

The expanding interest in the world of fitness and wellbeing over recent years has propelled prominent amateurs to media celebrity status.  Athletes can build a dedicated fan base, eager to connect directly with them.   To place in the Ultimate Fitness League is a bucket list moment in a lifetime, where goals and achievements can be celebrated properly.

The Venue

McPherson Playhouse 3 centennial Square Canada Victoria BC McPherson Playhouse 3 centennial Square Canada Victoria BC is a well-appointed jewel in the crown of beautiful and historic Victoria. Steps away from the renowned Inner Harbour and conveniently surrounded by hotels, restaurants and scenery, make this an ideal location.

The professional, efficient staff play an important role in streamlining the delivery of the UFL. McPherson Playhouse was the obvious choice as host venue, providing visiting Athletes  and attendees alike the opportunity to experience the very best of our fair city.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with queries or comments about the UFL shows, or the information in this proposal.

We are constantly pursing growth opportunities and partnerships, and look forward to discussing the 2019/20 Ultimate Fitness League with you!

Ultimate Fitness League CA

Bikini Fitness Muscle Championships


Mcpherson Playhouse 3 CentInnial
Victoria BC Canada


Mcpherson Playhouse 3 centinnial Square
Victoria BC Canada