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The Ultimate Fitness League encourages all male and female competitors meeting criteria to participate with us.

  • Contestants must be at least 18 years of age or over
  • You must pay via paypal (under friends & family) to enter the UFL show upon registration.
  • No refunds or transfers once payment is made.
  • There no experience is necessary. The UFL welcomes novice competitors and experienced athletes to enter.
  • The UFL encourage all levels and athletes from all federations to come and compete and experience a positive and professional experience.
  • You are able to compete in as many categories as you like.
  • $120 per category
  • As a competitor, you will be judged on the criteria of the category you enter.

For safety reasons competitors are not permitted to have family & friends to attend with them backstage. There is limited access backstage, If you would like your coach to join you back stage please contact us directly and we can arrange an authorised VIP pass for a fee.

The UFL show runs a professional show and therefore need everything to work efficiently backstage. Please have everything prepared before you arrive.

  • No alcohol is permitted at any UFL event.
  • All competitors and delegates are responsible for their own personal belongings. Please be selective in regards to what you bring to an event or workshop. The UFL or the venue will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • All athletes are expected to respect their fellow competitors, we want to create a positive atmosphere backstage where everyone can feel comfortable and at ease.
  • The ULF will not tolerate inappropriate or disrespectful language or behaviour backstage.

Please help out one another to make the whole event a positive and memorable event for all.

We highly recommend that you attend to our Stage Posing workshops, see website and social media for updates.


A professional tan is imperative. Athletes must use the official Tanning hair and make up company who are the official tanners for the Ultimate Fitness League CA.

We want to ensure our competitors are taken care of with the right look, Judges will be looking for a natural healthy tan, not too dark or oily.

All tan bookings come through the UFL upon entrance. PayPal (friends & family)

Links below

Footwear for Female Competitors

Clear 4.5 -5.5 inch stiletto heels or skin toned heels suggested. Females can choose to wear other footwear that may coordinate with their theme wear / bikini / swimwear for the theme wear or international Model round.


Accessories to help compliment the outfit or bikini are accepted. Chandelier earrings or bangles are acceptable. Anything that may become distracting should be avoided.
Appropriate Props can also be used for Theme wear round.

We have Professional Experienced Hairstylists backstage who specialise in glam beautiful show hair. Links below

Professional & Experienced MUA’s for show day.

Bikini / Trunks
No thongs or g-strings allowed, bikinis/trunks must compliment your body. Scrunch bottoms are acceptable as long as they are fitted appropriately.
We are affiliate with BKB Bikinis all athletes who register with the UFL links below

Competitor numbers
Badges with numbers will be given out at the Athletes registration in the morning of the show, Badges should be placed on the left hip in order for judges to read competitors number clearly. If you are in two categories you will use the same number.

Music is not required for any Female/Male Model categories or Figure, we will provide music for you.

Book your hotel in advance, Victoria BC Tourist and sports commission website for the closest hotels to the Show venue